A 24 year old jail beauty queen Ruth Kamande has been sentenced to death by High Court judge Jessie Lesiit, for the murder of her boyfriend in September 2015 using a kitchen knife.

Following the murder of Farid Mohammed by Ruth in September, 2015, resulting from the 25 stabs received concurrently all over his body, Ruth Kamande was convicted in May, contested and became Miss Lang’ata Prison, in Nairobi while awaiting trial.

Ruth had found series of Farid’s old love letters, and questioned him on why he still held on to them, Farid was said to have ignored her and went to bed, in the morning after, Ruth continued with the questioning and this led to what led to Farid’s murder.

Farid’s sister, aunt and grandparents who were present at the court, were satisfied with the verdict as the victim’s aunt Emmah Wanjiku told reporters amidst tears ” We’re glad that this day came and his grandparents, his sister were actually in court today when this verdict was given,”

The judge maintains that the death penalty was the best for the case as Kamande showed no remorse and any other sentence would turn the accused into a hero. “I want young people to know that it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend even where you feel disappointed or frustrated — don’t do it,” High Court judge Jessie Lesiit says while passing sentence on Thursday.

The judge accused Kamande of “manipulative” behavior that included accessing the victim’s mobile phone as well as showing no remorse for the vicious attack which left “blood all over” the crime scene.

While in Jail, the beauty queen became a Muslim, has been attending a course in theology for the past one year and participated in various activities which is evident by her winning the beauty pageant held in August.

Some human rights activists has criticised the verdict as they referred to the punishment as being “inhumane” and “outdated”

However, Kamande’s lawyer Joyner Okonjo said she would appeal the sentence owning to the fact that Kenya has an effective ban on carrying out death sentences and no death row prisoner has been executed since 1987.

Moreover, the country’s Supreme Court ruled in December 2017 that the mandatory death sentence for murder and armed robbery was unconstitutional, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

The death sentence however remains on the statute books reports mailonline.





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