Royal wedding : Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Exchange vows





Prince Harry and his bride, Meghan Markle, dressed in a Givenchy wedding gown, are saying their vows at their royal wedding, underway with the world watching and tens of thousands on hand outside Windsor Castle to help them celebrate.

Cheers erupted across the town of Windsor as royal fans and tourists watched a stream of celebrities, actors and high-profile friends and family of the royal pair file into St. George’s Chapel. Because of the town’s limited space, and the large numbers, giant screens were set up across Windsor.

The couple have invited 2,640 people to watch them and their guests arrive at and depart from the chapel, including 1,200 people nominated by authorities in nine of the United Kingdom’s regions, as well as charity workers, local school children and employees of the queen. Six hundred guests will attend the ceremony.

Source: USA Today